New Article About the Future of Public Transport in the US

The Journal of Public Transportation just published my new article on the future of public transport.

Buehler, Ralph. 2018. Can Public Transportation Compete with Automated and Connected Cars?. Journal of Public Transportation, 21 (1): 7-18.
Available at:

JPT Buehler

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Same Media Mention in Four Newspapers Across the US


Travelers are rethinking rental cars — here’s why

Chicago Tribune Travelers are rethinking rental cars – here’s why

Pit GazetteTravelers are rethinking rental cars – here’s why

Seattle TimesTravelers are rethinking rental cars – here’s why

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TRB and NHTSA Updates for 2018 Annual Meeting

*      Cooperative Research Program Update – Compilation of the most recent information about TRB’s Cooperative Research Programs.

*      Global Affiliates – TRB is seeking new organizational partners to join its Global Affiliates Program to help promote TRB’s mission of providing independent, objective, research-based solutions to improve transportation.

*      Ideas Deserving Exploratory Analysis – Brochure of information about TRB’s IDEA program.

*      Research Pays Off Flyer – An announcement that TRB is looking for articles showcasing specific benefits of research.

*      Special Reports – A listing of the most recent special projects or “policy studies” published by TRB.

*      TR News Flyer – TRB invites you to submit articles to its bi-monthly magazine as well as consider proposing to develop a theme issue.

*      TRB Webinar Proposals Brochure – Webinar suggestion forms are due March 15, 2018 for scheduling consideration between July 1 and December 31, 2018.

*      Young Members Council Update – Briefing of the latest announcements and activities from TRB’s Young Members Council.

*      Committee Communication Coordinators Update – An informational summary for you about the activities undertaken by the communications coordinators over the last year.

*      Committee Research Coordinators Council Update – An informational summary about the activities undertaken by the committee research coordinators council over the last year.

* NHTSA, Office of Behavioral Research & Office of Safety Programs, Ped & Bike Update TRB 2018


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Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability Center Faculty Spotlight


The Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability Center – Region 3 University Transportation Center published the following research spotlight:

Ralph Buehler, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Urban Affairs and Planning at Virginia Tech. Travel Behavior: An Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Approach to Developing Transport Policy.

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Where Do Bikeshare Bikes Actually Go?

The Transportation Research Board just published our paper on routes taken by bikeshare bikes in Washington, DC.

Wergin, J., Buehler, R. 2017. “Where Do Bikeshare Bikes Actually Go? Analysis of Capital Bikeshare Trips with GPS Data,” Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. No 2662, pp. 12-21.

Wergin Buehler Title Page

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European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Highlights our Research


Today the ECF published a post called ‘Academic research on cycling is booming‘ featuring data from our editorial in Transport Reviews.

John Pucher & Ralph Buehler (2017) Cycling towards a more sustainable transport future, Transport Reviews, 37:6, 689-694, DOI: 10.1080/01441647.2017.1340234



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Media Mentions in Huffington Post: Best Cities for Living Car Free in the U.S.


Huff Post Logo

Here are the best cities for living car free in the US

Las mejores ciudades para vivir sin coche en Estados Unidos



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