Presentation at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium

It was a great pleasure to present our research on regional public transport associations at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium.

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Students study sustainability abroad

The Virginia Tech News featured our ‘Sustainable Europe‘ course from summer 2018.

Students study sustainability abroad”

We will offer the course again in summer 2019, stay tuned for updates!

Steel Mill

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Vienna Article Featured by

Our article about sustainable transport in Vienna was featured by (World Resources Institute) with a focus on Vienna’s efforts for promoting public transport.

Need New Ideas to Advance Public Transport? Look to Vienna

Buehler, R., Pucher, J., Altshuler, A. 2017. “Vienna’s Path to Sustainable Transport,“ International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Vol. 11, No. 4, 257-271.


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New Article on International Trends in Cycling

Buehler, R. 2018. “Bicycling levels and trends in Western Europe and the USA,” GEOAGENDA, Vol. 2018, No. 1, pp. 10-13. (Note: invited article)


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Three New Peer-Reviewed Papers

Eisenmann, C., Buehler, R. 2018 “Are cars used differently in Germany than in California? Findings from annual car-use profiles,” Journal of Transport Geography, Vol. 69, 171-180.


Le, H.T.K., Buehler, R., Hankey, S. 2018. Correlates of the Built Environment on Active Travel: Evidence from 20 US Metropolitan AreasEnvironmental Health Perspectives 126(7).


Lu, T., Mondschein, A., Buehler, R., Hankey, S. 2018. “Adding temporal information to direct-demand models: Hourly estimation of bicycle and pedestrian traffic in Blacksburg, VA,” Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. Accepted for publication.



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Media Mention: NPR Market Place and WTOP

MarketplaceWhy Uber and others see a billion-dollar future in e-scooters

WTOP Study: Are dockless bikes here to stay?


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Washington Post Features Results from Studio Class on Dockless Bikeshare

This week the Washington Post featured results from our studio class on dockless bikeshare. Congratulations to our MURP students!


Are dockless bikeshare systems changing Washington’s biking culture?

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