Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (MATS-UTC), Planning for walking and cycling in an automated vehicle future. My role: PI, 2017-2018.

Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (MATS-UTC), Multi-city, national-scale direct-demand models of peak-period bicycle and pedestrian traffic. My role: Co-PI, 2016-2017.

European Commission & UN Habitat. State of European Cities Report. Chapter on urban transport. My role: PI (joint), 2015-2016.

Harvard University & Volvo Foundation. Transforming Urban Transport. Case Study Vienna,  Austria. My role: PI (joint), 2014-2016.

Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability University Transportation Center (MATS-UTC). Designing a bicycle and pedestrian traffic count program to estimate performance measures on streets and sidewalks in Blacksburg. My role: adviser, 2014-2016.

 Mid-Atlantic University Transportation Center (MAUTC), Regional Coordination in Public Transportation: Lessons for the United States. My role: PI, 2013-2015.

 Mid-Atlantic University Transportation Center (MAUTC), Bikesharing and Economic Benefits. My role: PI, 2013-2014.

Virginia Tech Institute for Society Culture and Environment, support for proposal development for “Integrating Planning for Sustainable Economic Development and Transport: Lessons from Cities in Transition in Western Europe and the United States.” My role: CO-PI with Margaret Cowell, 2012.

Daimler Foundation/American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Transportation Planning and Sustainability in North America and Germany: The Cases of Stuttgart and Northern Virginia. My role: CO-PI for national level analysis and Northern Virginia, 2012.

Mid-Atlantic University Transportation Center (MAUTC), Multimodal Travel Behavior in Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic Region, and the USA. My role: PI, 2012-2013.

Institut fuer Angewandte Sozialwissenschaft (INFAS), State and Future Potential of Electric Mobility in Western Europe, North America, and Asia. My role: Co-PI for USA, 2011.

Mid-Atlantic Universities Transportation Center (MAUTC), Analysis of Determinants of Bicycle Use in the Washington Metropolitan Area. My role: PI, 2009-2011.

IFMO/BMW, Analysis of trends in young people’s mobility patterns in the United States, as part of an international research team studying trends in nine countries. My role: CO-PI for USA. 2010.

Alliance for Biking and Walking, Benchmarking Cycling and Walking in the USA. My role: Research Consultant 2008-

Virginia Tech Institute for Society Culture and Environment, Proposal Revision Support for “Metropolitan Climate Change Policies: Comparative analysis and policy exchange between Europe and the United States“ (with S. Hirt, J. Randolph, G. Reichard). My role: CO-PI for research on transport policy and planning in Germany. Summer 2010.

U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development. Livable Communities Initiative. “Strategies to Increase Affordable Housing near Transit.”(with Casey Dawkins). My role: CO-PI on Virginia Tech part of the project.

University Transportation Research Center II, Rutgers University, Virginia Tech, CO-PI, Analysis of Bicycling Trends and Policies in Large American Cities, CO-PI, 2009-2010.

Thunderhead Alliance, Research Consultant, 2006-2007, Consulting and data analysis for a project connecting walking and cycling to public health in U.S. cities and States; funded by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

German Institute of Economic Research, (DIW), CO-PI, 2006-2008, Analyzing and explaining differences and similarities in travel behavior in Germany and the U.S.