Electronic Version of Important Updates from TRB for 2017 Annual Meeting

  1. Emergency Procedures for the Marriott Marquis – Review and follow the instructions in this document if there is an emergency during your meeting .
  2. TR News Flyer – TRB invites you to submit articles to its bi-monthly magazine
  3. Research Pays Off Flyer –An announcement that TRB is looking for articles showcasing specific benefits of research
  4. Committee Communication Coordinators Update – An informational summary for you about the activities undertaken by the communications coordinators over the last year
  5. Committee Research Coordinators Council Update – An informational summary about the activities undertaken by the committee research coordinators council over the last year
  6. Practice Ready Papers – An announcement of the availability of our searchable Practice Ready Papers database
  7. Research Needs Database – An announcement of the availability of our searchable Research Needs Statements database
  8. Ideas Deserving Exploratory Analysis – Brochure of information about TRB’s IDEA program
  9. Cooperative Research Program Update – Listing of the most recent publications from TRB’s Cooperative Research Programs
  10. Special Reports – A listing of the most recent special projects or “policy studies” published by TRB
  11. Young Members Council Update – Briefing of the latest announcements and activities from TRB’s Young Members Council (the all-TRB one, not our Aviation Group one, who’s update is at the bottom of this email)

NHTSA update on pedestrian and bicycling research.

Preliminary Program and Lists of Delegates_S4C Colloquium Velo-City 2017

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