TRB Annual Meeting 2014: Bicycle Research on the Rise

Last week I attended the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, serving as chair of the committee on bicycle transportation (ANF20). Our Bicycle Transportation Committee Meeting had over 100 attendees and all bicycle related sessions and sub-committee meetings were well attended. Bicycle research has grown over the years–both in quality and volume. Here are some numbers on volume:

–          A search for the term ‘bicycling’ in the Transportation Research Board’s TRID database yields an annual average of 29 peer-reviewed papers, government reports, and other published ‘gray’ literature between 1990 and 1992. The annual average rose to 64 between 1999 and 2001, and jumped to 212 for the years 2009-2012;

–          Thompson’s Web of Science focuses more narrowly on peer-reviewed academic journal articles and shows an increase from an average of 1 peer-reviewed paper per year including the terms ‘bicycling, transport/transportation, and travel’ in 1990-1992 to 44 in 2009-2012;

–          Moreover, the number of papers submitted for TRB annual meetings and reviewed by ANF20 increased from about 3 in the early 1990s to approximately 15 in the early 2000s and roughly 80 papers for each the 2012, 2013, and 2014 annual meetings, placing our committee among the top tier of all TRB committees in terms of papers.

–          Available statistics also show an increase in bicycling-related publications in TRB’s Transportation Research Record—from 4 papers in 2003 to 17 in 2012.

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