Studio Class Releases Report on Bikesharing

My environmental planning studio class just finished the final report for last fall semester’s class on bikesharing. The report is titled “Economic Impact & Operational Efficiency for Bikeshare Systems“. Here is the introduction section summarizing the report:

“This report presents findings and recommendations regarding two bikesharing-related issues: potential economic impacts and the balancing problem. We conducted an intercept survey of bikesharing users and walk-up surveys of businesses to determine the extent and nature of bikeshare’s economic impact in five Washington, DC neighborhoods. To study the balancing issue, we surveyed bikesharing systems about their problems with and strategies for re-balancing and then analyzed a data sample from the Washington, DC system, Capital Bikeshare (“CaBi”). By “the balancing problem” we mean instances in which bikes in a bikesharing system are unevenly distributed such that stations are completely full or empty. We provide recommendations based on our findings that may help CaBi and other bikesharing systems become more impactful and efficient.”

For more details click here.

Students in the class were (in alphabetical order): Ryan Anderson, Eric Childs, Yasmine Doumi, Justin Godard, Chris Marshall, Ashley Matthews, Katie McConnell, John Stowe, Nathan Wallingford and Eric Weisz. Andrea Hamre and I guided the student’s research.

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