New Report about Travel Behavior of Generation Y

IFMO just published a new report about travel behavior of generation Y. I collaborated with colleagues from Europe and Asia on two chapters of the report. Here is the abstract:

As members of Generation Y in industrialised countries come of age, they display mobility patterns which differ unexpectedly and markedly from those of their parents – a development that is likely to pave the way for a more multimodal future.

Is the mobility – specifically the ‘automobility’ – of young adults in industrialised countries around the world changing? Since the turn of the millennium there has been an ever-increasing proliferation of rumours, anecdotes and scattered empirical evidence emanating from various industrialised countries that points in this direction. In an international research project, ifmo has turned the spotlight on the mobility of Generation Y in selected countries.

Mobility Y – The Emerging Travel Patterns of Generation Y

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