Sustainable Europe Summer Course in Switzerland Begins 24 June 2013

This year’s Sustainable Europe summer course will start on June 24 at Virginia Tech’s Center for European Studies and Architecture (CESA) in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. Professors John Randolph (UAP), Ralph Buehler (UAP), and Suzanne Moomaw (University of Virginia) will co-teach the course of 19 students from the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. The course focuses on three areas of sustainability: energy, water, and transport. Besides classes at CESA, students will learn about sustainability in European cities through field trips to Basel, Zurich, and Freiburg (Germany). During the field trips students will meet with local planners and policy makers to learn about and discuss sustainable cities. As part of the course requirements, students will maintain a blog about their experiences. Once the course starts the blog is accessible here.

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